Example Portfolio Ebook

An Example Portfolio Book is available for owners of Portfolio for Creatives. This ebook shows how an eBook can be used to showcase a portfolio. You can test it and see how it will work in the hands of a client.

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Portfolios for Creative People

Abstract How to make a Portfolio for Creatives – Makeup Artists, Hair and Clothing Stylists, Bodypainters, and Prosthetists – Anybody for whom their art requires a face, a body, or both. This book answers questions like : What is a portfolio? Why do we need one? Who is responsible for its content? What is it about? What goes in it? How do you make it? And many others… The Portfolio Wall, book, web or tablet, your portfolio is your life.

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Different not Better

Different Not Better Your work is Different, their work is not Better. Gaining the courage to photograph your way, with confidence. Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. — Jane Austin (Mansfield Park, Ch. 48) This is an unashamedly positive work. It is full of motivational and uplifting quotations that happen to be well-researched (and true). There are no Internet kittens here, instead we have truth, beauty and understanding.

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