Portfolios for Creative People

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Portfolios For Creative People

Make a Portfolio that is suitable for Creative People – artists, photographers, makeup, hair and clothing stylists, body artists, and prosthetists – any creative person.

Making a good portfolio is emotionally challenging. Getting it right is important to your career and your view of yourself.

This book tells us what it is, why we need one, what goes into it, and How to make it. It also covers the difficult aspects like how to get and interpret constructive criticism, how to think critically about your work, and how to filter out useless feedback.

Just reading this book will help motivate you to get your portfolio done.

Your portfolio should be a source of joy; this book will get you there.

I think it’s great that you put it all together, simplified it, and put it all in place. It’s an easy read, enough to direct and inspire, but not so deep as to bog the reader down. I can feel your empathy and support to the “creative” in their efforts to get past the small doubt (really overwhelming anxious) and that is cool too.

The Portfolio Wall, book, web or tablet, your portfolio is your life

Damn good advice!!!!
So motivating!
Really valuable information

Portfolios for Creative People